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Club Clothing

Our latest order for club clothing was winter 2016/7

The next will be when there’s enough demand to make it viable, if you’re interested please drop us a line.

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  • Paul H

    As you may already know, Kajsa Tylen is giving a talk in Nottingham on 11th March about her record breaking year in the saddle.
    Tickets are £10 and available from the link below. They don’t seem to be numbered so we can probably meet up and sit together (Or not, if you prefer!)
    There’s a few of us already going. I don’t think it’s a very big venue, so wouldn’t leave it too long to book.

  • Ian Alexander

    For Sale
    Leather Diadora shoes size 7/8, brand new in the box £70 ono. Grippy sole for use with toe clips only (no cleat attachments)
    Dawes Audax Silver 21″ touring/audax bike. Brand new, good spec, a couple of small chips to the paintwork.
    Contact Ian 01332 752384 07954 227309

  • Stapleford Travel & Photographic Society

    Link below is for the club’s programme for this winter. If anyone has a love for photography & talks of varying subjects we would keenly welcome them.
    The club is not one immersed in competition photography, which while raising peoples levels of photography can also be pressurising and costly. We aim to encourage people with cameras of whatever price & type to enjoy their results by sharing experiences with them. Their results can be shared (if they so wish) on screen in a non critical way at the club on Thursday evenings through the use of the club’s projection equipment.
    We are half way through our winter programme, and would charge our standard entrance fee of £1-50 per evening, or for membership a reduction of 50% for the remainder of the season,


  • Susan Rogers

    At the last committee meeting it was mentioned that there are plans to build an outdoor cycling hub at Calke Abbey. There is a bit more information in regard to this here : https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/calke-abbey/projects/a-new-outdoor-hub-for-calke-abbey

  • Pete Greenfield

    New 2016 Mavic Aksium wheelset for sale. Shimano freehub/25mm tyres £100 Contact Pete Greenfield 07749 109554

  • Diane Peart

    I thought I would share the experience of a work colleague who had his bike stolen and managed to get it back. His account follows:

    On Friday night, I spotted my bike for sale on eBay, and about 5pm on Saturday the police went to the seller’s store, confirmed the frame number and impounded it. A few signatures later they handed it over. Of course it wasn’t as simple as that, but that’s the headline. There are some interesting lessons though.

    Right from the start, the police told me to search for it online and to keep searching for many weeks. Their logic was: that the bike will change hands many times and at each transaction it will get more expensive. Eventually the price will rise to a level where the owner thinks it is legitimate and advertises it for sale. That’s exactly what happened. The seller thought it was legitimate and advertised it openly in his eBay store. So the lesson is, If your bike is stolen (and you want it back) keep searching for it. I searched on all the sites mentioned in this thread every day with fairly wide search criteria. That meant I was scrolling through between 500 and 800 newly advertised bikes on eBay every 24 hours. I was lucky that my bike was an unusual colour and easy to spot on a page of thumbnails. It took exactly six weeks for my bike to appear.

    The other lesson is that the police are not really geared up for the retrieval. I had to do most of the legwork (actually my niece, as I was away). The bike was stolen in Derby, but turned up in Lougborough which is a different contabulary. Derbyshire could only request Leicestershire to go and look at the bike, but it had zero priority for them. Derbyshire 101 operators couldn’t access any of the details and photos I’d previously supplied because it was in a Crime File (and they don’t have access), so they couldn’t forward them to Leicestershire. So my niece had to resend a load of stuff from my computer. That led to Leicestershire raising an incident number. My niece then went to the bike shop posing as a potential customer. She positively ID’d the bike, made her excuses then left and called the police. This significantly raised the priority for Leicestershire. She then hung around in a nearby supermarket for an hour and a half hoping they would assign an officer. At 5pm they sent a policeman on a bike to the shop. My niece met him there and took him to the bike. He checked the frame number and after an irate call to the dealer they’d got it from, the bike shop in Loughborough gave all the details of where they got it. BUT, that’s in Newark which means yet another constabulary. I seriously doubt there will be any follow-up, but you never know.

    The parts they removed were all to change the look of the bike. They removed the rack, including the rear light, the mudguards, the bottle-cage, the bar-grips and bar-ends. On the plus side they cleaned it and adjusted the chain which I was about to junk for a new one (why I hadn’t adjusted it). They also ditched my part-worn slicks and put brand-new trail tyres on.

  • Paul Hilditch

    We’ve changed our hosting to a WordPress specific platform (As it’s a WordPress site!)
    Hopefully you’ll notice it quicker across all devices, though obviously I don’t have them all to check. So if you experience a problem, or even if you feel it’s not working as well as you think it should, please let me know and include as much detail as possible.
    As always content and suggestions welcome. I have a to do list for it already but you’re welcome to add to it.

  • paul hilditch

    After a few weeks rest, the Tuesday evening leisure rides start again next week (12th April)
    For anyone who didn’t get to join us last year, the format is simple
    Start 6.45 from the Quad
    12 – 18 miles
    No rush

    These rides are intended to be suitable for all, they’re part of the Leisure Cycling group so CTC membership isn’t required.

    These were a lot of fun last year, with an average of five riders out. If anyone has thought about riding with a group, but is maybe put off by the distance or worried they might not be able to keep up, then these rides are an ideal introduction.

  • Naomi Crosby

    Do you need sports massage? The daughter of a friend is training in sports massage, and needs patients, for free treatment. This is what she says:

    I am currently studying for a BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage, due to qualify in October, and as part of the course, I need to do 100 practice hours. I am offering free sessions in exchange for feedback. The sessions last roughly an hour and will consist of a short postural/joint assessment and a massage treatment. I can either work from a treatment room in Whittington (usually available from 8.30pm Mon-Thurs, and occasional weekends) or I can travel to you with my table in the evenings. If interested or if you want any further information please contact me – vanessa_s_uk@yahoo.co.uk or 07527154675.

  • John Mitchelmore

    Did you know that “Audax” was recently entered into the Oxford Englsh Dictionary New words list June 2015. So, look that up!

  • Ian Alexander

    For Sale
    Two pairs of leather Diadora shoes size 8.
    One used but good condition £40 ono
    One pair brand new in the box £70 ono

    contact Ian 01332 752384

  • admin

    There’s been some issues witht he calendars on the website, hopefully now sorted. These calendars are created in Google and public, searchable if you have a Google account. If not they should still be viewable on any browser without logging into Google. You might want to make a note of the address, if the calendar is down, this page might not be available either…
    Derby Sunday rides
    Burton Sunday rides
    Burton Wednesday rides
    Derby Thursday rides

    Any problems please email ctcdab@gmail.com

  • Malcolm Bridges

    I guess a lot of you regular riders are like me in that nearly every time I’m on the bike I feel intimidated by the actions of other road users. I’m sure we all have a bag full of horror stories, near misses or worse. This quite often leaves me thinking if the worst were to happen what would be the consequences. Most places aren’t covered by CCTV camera’s and if we are riding on our own there could be very few if any witnesses.
    If you received your copy of ‘Cycle’ recently and haven’t already done so please read the article by Paul Tuohy and the appeal for financial help. The cyclist involved Mick Mason could just as easily have been you or me, and wouldn’t our families want to know how it happened, could anything be done to prevent an incident of this sort happening again, this isn’t always about punishment but understanding the causes. In this particular case it appears that the authorities have reached a conclusion without a proper investigation. Even in cases that do reach court motorists seem to get away with very little punishment considering the consequences for the cyclist’s families.
    At our recent committee meeting, the first since the AGM, one subject we discuss is donations to good causes and this appeal was put forward as one of those. On your behalf we agreed to donate £100 of club funds to this appeal, the committee hopes this meets with your approval.

  • Pete Greenfield

    Good news from the PDNP……. Take a look at this link from BBC News on proposed re-surfacing and widening on the High Peak Trail. Osmaston Road Derby next !


  • Nick Potter

    Research Ride. Peter Roberts and I recently rode to Hilton, to investigate Suzie’s Farm Shop and Tea Room, Uttoxeter Road (near the by-pass junction) The café is small and cosy, so unsuitable for groups, but there are a few picnic tables outside for fine weather. Limited menu, but cakes are home-made and the farm shop sells a range of home-made cakes, pies, jams and chutneys, together with meat from the farm and a range of veg from Melbourne.
    No website, but there is a Facebook page. Has been added to the café section, noting that it is unsuitable for groups. Take care when leaving due to limited visibility.

  • Pete Greenfield

    Last week DCG met the Derby City Council project engineers for the A52 Wyvern proposed transport improvements. Here’s a head up on the forthcoming public consultation. There are major changes proposed for both motorised & non motorised users and the Council want input from the public.

    Use the link to read more………..


  • Paul Hilditch

    This will find its way on to another part of the website, but I’ll put it here for now…
    The Best All Rounder competition has been run by the club for many years, with a trophy and small cash prize awarded to the winner at the AGM.
    As with all things we organise the emphasis is on participation, there are a couple of categories with winners, but taking part always gets points.
    The qualifying events change slightly from year to year*, all BAR events are marked as such in the program and are free to enter, for 2014/5 they are;
    Hill climb and Freewheel competition – This took place in October and is pretty much self-explanatory, ride up a hill against the clock, freewheel down it to see how far you get. Good fun and doesn’t have to be taken too seriously. Have a look on the photo page.
    Rough Stuff Ride – This has just taken place in June. A group off road ride that can be challenging, this isn’t mountain biking and can be done on most bikes.
    Routfinder Ride – 28th June. A novelty event the rules of which will be explained on the day, something to test you navigation skills.
    Standard Rides – 23rd August. A ride against the clock following a route sheet given on the day. There are four options 50 miles in 4 hours, 50 miles in 4.5 hours, 100 miles in 8 hours and 100 miles in 9 hours. The times for the 100 mile rides include a compulsory 30 min lunch stop.
    Audax rides – 6th September. These are not run by CTC D&B, though there are close links between Audax UK and CTC. Distances of 100km and 200km within a set time band though you don’t need to be fast. For more information on Audax please look at the Links page.
    Awheel magazine – Contributors to the clubs Awheel magazine are also awarded points.
    Photo competition – This is not being held for 2015. The 2016 competition will be held at our AGM in October, more details nearer the time.
    *our club year runs from 1st Oct to 30th Sep

  • Terry Williams

    For those who have trouble with potholes or problems connected with poor road surfaces the following website is the place to go to report these faults. I am told that it is a map based system so that the exact location of the fault can be identified.


    The information came as a result of a request at the last Cycling Liaison Group meeting at Derbyshire County Council in Matlock.

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